We believe that we can work better.

Our CEO, Toby, was working one afternoon when he got a call from a friend who was reeling from a fight with her boss—a culmination of months of tension. He tried to help, then quickly realized he knew the best person for the job: his former Gilt Groupe colleague Sarah, who was always helping people deal with stressful issues at work.

After chatting with Sarah, Toby’s friend went forward to resolve her issue (and not quit, as she had threatened). The experience struck a chord and got Toby thinking more and more about workplace conflict. Having spent years building a platform for on-demand urgent care, he couldn’t help thinking employees would benefit from a similar approach in moments of need at work, something akin to ‘HR urgent care’ that would provide a much-needed first step, a safe place outside the walls of work.

Today, that first step is Bravely. We’re building a resource to help people tackle their issues proactively and constructively, transforming the workplace into a better, healthier place for everyone.


Our Values

We never break the trust.

Trust is the keystone of our business. Employees need to know that they’re protected, that everything they share with us is confidential. Similarly, companies need to know that we’ll serve their organizations as a trusted steward. We take this responsibility very seriously.

We are always optimistic.

We genuinely believe that whatever someone is going through, there is a positive path forward that we can help them identify. With enough diligence, thoughtfulness and positivity, we believe that we can always define a game plan that works for employees and their employers.

We build with expertise.

We know the circumstances in which we’re helping our customers can be stressful and fraught with complex challenges. Because of this, it’s fundamental that everything we do is informed by the knowledge and experience of the Pros with whom we work. These situations leave no room for amateurs.

We act with integrity.

No matter what, we seek to always do the right thing and stand up for what’s just. This means that sometimes we have to make difficult decisions and give people tough but honest feedback they may not want to hear. It might not always be easy, but we’re committed to it.

Our Investors

We’re honored to work with leading NYC seed investors, plus some current and former founders.


Get in Touch

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