Meet a few of our Pros


Lydia Bowers

Meet Lydia, one of our founding Pros. Her high EQ and experience working in HR at technology companies has helped us shape the profile of what we look for in our Pros today. When Lydia's not holding a Bravely session with an employee, she's earning her Masters at Cornell University with a concentration in Human Resources & Organizations.

“I became a Bravely Pro to further understand the conflict between employees and employers, and to use my work experience and education to resolve that conflict to supercharge productivity.”

Nicole Rae Drummond

With a decade of Human Resources experience, Nicole balances empathy and action - thriving best when she’s helping others achieve their goals. She’s active in SHRM and serves as an HR Mentor in NYC specializing in many areas including performance management, negotiations tactics, and difficult conversations to name a few.

"Helping people transform themselves is pretty much my sole mission at work - I see success in myself by aiding in others successes. Helping people feel optimistic, and excited to have difficult conversations and feel better at work, is why I want to a Bravely Pro!"

Hillary Patz

Hillary comes to Bravely with over 15 years of Human Resources experience and a degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Hillary expertise in employee relations, coupled with her positivity, makes her a model Pro. When she’s not coaching others, she loves to empower young girls interested in dance and ice hockey - two passions she loved as a kid.

“I love the idea of actually being able to help people to grow in their careers and find better outcomes when faced with difficult situations. I truly believe Bravely will make an enormous impact.”

Erica Choi

Erica has been in HR since 2005 and has worked with companies like World Wildlife Fund and Etsy before landing at Squarespace. Her commitment to providing employees a safe place to talk through their issues and her deep HR experience makes her a perfect fit for Bravely.

“As an HRBP I partnered frequently with all levels of the organization and a multitude of personalities. In my role I’ve always aimed to be candid (with grace) and objective, and avoided politics. If I needed to stand up for what I felt was right or challenge others to think differently, I did even if it meant pushing back on senior leaders of the organization.”

Why work Bravely

Make a difference

We’ve all been there before - riding the highs and lows at work - and we know the impact a thoughtful conversation can have on your outlook on the job. Be the sounding board to help employees through pivotal moments in their career and help them and their organizations succeed.

Be a part of the future

We are changing the way people approach communication and conflict at work and our Pros are at the center of the Bravely experience. Every session is an opportunity to help shape a new vision for the workplace and help us continue to innovate by providing frontline feedback to help us improve every day.

Invest in your development

Even the best HR professionals and coaches need continued development and career guidance. Becoming a Bravely Pro is an opportunity to use your skills (and develop new ones) beyond the walls of your office.


About you

You have 5+ years experience in an HR generalist, coaching, or business leadership role where you dealt with employee relations, conflict resolution, or workplace issues.

You are someone with high EQ who is passionate about helping and supporting others through whatever they are facing and delivery positive outcomes.

You are fast on your feet, quickly able to assess information and formulate questions to help determine the best path forward.

You are a skilled communicator who can coach people on delivering information in concise and impactful way and also able to deliver tough feedback when necessary.