Software Engineer, Full Stack

Bravely is seeking a full-stack software engineer to become the first engineering hire to join our CTO in building and scaling our platform to create a top-notch experience and keep up with our growth.

We’re taking on new challenges every day including matching and scheduling algorithms, growth hacking, web scraping, and NLP, all while creating beautiful user experiences. We want to build solutions to these problems that are scalable, performant and elegant, and we’re looking for talented people to help us do just that!

Bravely is a platform for off-the-record conflict coaching and guidance, connecting employees with unbiased HR experts that can help them navigate their workplace. Our easy-to-use platform connects and schedules employees with experienced coaches and HR professionals for conversations about issues of all kinds—from manager-employee conflict to performance review prep.


• Work closely with designers and product managers to implement user interfaces for responsive web apps.
• Responsible for architecture, development and scaling of the backend systems that power Bravely.
• Help define workflows and processes to ensure consistent code management, deployment and performance.

Potential Projects

• Create web app for HR Pros to convert counseling and guidance given on phone calls into structured data, manage scheduling and appointments, and receive critical information relevant to their appointments in real time.
• Develop payment processing microservice for receiving and making payments to various stakeholders in a multi-sided platform.
• Create automated onboarding process for new developers including setting up docker, copying repos, distributing security credentials to ensure day one deploys for all engineers.

Prior Experience

• 3+ years experience building web apps
• Prior knowledge and experience with multi-sided platforms
• Experience working in an early stage startup
• Strong industry experience in architecture and development of scalable production-quality frontend and backend systems.
• Ability to quickly write reliable, clean and testable code
• Eagerness to learn and explore new technologies

Skills Requirements

• Ruby or other functional languages
• Javascript
• Any Relational Database, Postgresql or Mysql preferred
• Willingness to learn new technologies

Join Us

Send us an email at with a little bit about you, why you’re interested in Bravely, and a link to your LinkedIn profile and / or portfolio.


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