What is Bravely?

Bravely is a platform that connects employees facing stressful moments at work with expert conflict coaches called “Pros” for off-the-record support.


Who can use Bravely?

Any employee who is preparing for a tough conversation or could benefit from external guidance is a fit for Bravely. Employees at any level and tenure are encouraged to use Bravely.

While most sessions center around preparing employees for conversations with managers or peers, many of our sessions have been centered around coaching and preparing managers to give tough feedback to or create better relationships with their direct reports.


What's a Pro?

Our Pros are HR professionals and coaches with deep experience in employee relations and workplace issues. They have a minimum of five years of direct work experience in the field.

We want the best for our clients so every Pro is thoroughly vetted, referenced, and trained before being matched to an employee.


Direct experience as HR business partners and professional coaches at blue-chip organizations

Qualified with degrees in psychology and certifications from the International Coaching Federation and the Society for Human Resource Management

Vetted with third-party background checking tools and Bravely’s proprietary process that includes case interviewing, references and peer reviews. 


What issues can employees speak to Bravely about?

We’re a sounding board for employees needing guidance about anything they are facing at work. Whether it’s a question about company policies, prepping for a hard conversation, or getting out of a rut, our network of Pros are ready to help.

Challenging Relationships
Conflicts with managers, peers and direct reports, including perceptions of unfairness, favoritism or disrespect


Compensation and Role Change
Preparing for evaluations and reviews, or recovering from conversations that don’t go as planned


General Stress or Feeling Stuck
Talking through how to get back on track when employees aren’t feeling motivated


Policy or Procedural Questions
Education around internal and industry policies and procedures, clarifying how things work


What impact can I expect Bravely to have on my organization?

With Bravely, organizations can expect fewer large-scale problems, less turnover and more insights. We see employees addressing issues earlier and more proactively, preventing escalation and spreading, less talent lost for reasons that could have been detected and prevented if caught earlier. Also we create an opportunity for HR teams to focus on strategy, with additional intelligence and data from anonymized reporting on issues.


How is this different than an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

EAPs generally offer counseling to help employees with personal issues -- substance abuse, personal finance stress, domestic problems -- that may be impacting their work. We are specifically focused on workplace success, relationships with colleagues and business coaching. Our professionals are coaches and HR Business Partners versus counselors.


How does it work?

It’s easy! Once an employee activates their Bravely account, they can log into our platform through their employee app and see all available sessions and schedule a 45-minute phone session with a Pro.


What if an employee has an issue that can’t be solved in one session?

Not a problem! Employees can book a new session through the Bravely app and find time with the Pro that held the initial session or speak to another expert in our network.

Our goal is to make sure employees get high-touch support around the stressful moment they’re facing, which could require a few conversations, but we don’t intend to be a regular coaching solution for employees on an ongoing basis. As such, employees can schedule up to three sessions within a single month, and no more than ten sessions in a single year.


How can a company be sure Bravely is providing accurate information about policies, code of conduct, and other standards set by the company?

We kick off every client relationship with an onboarding call from our Client Success Team. During this call, we’ll spend time understanding how we can best support your employees. We also ask clients, if they feel comfortable, to share copies of their company handbook and other resources so that our Pros are always equipped with the right information.

Every client will also have a dedicated Client Success Manager who can be contacted directly. We’re always happy to help, so never hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.


How does it work if the employee decides to escalate the issue anonymously via Bravely?

If an employee asks Bravely to escalate an issue and protect their identity, Bravely scripts the exact communication that would be sent to the designated point of contact at the company, and the employee then authorizes us to send the exact verbiage as represented to the company.

If appropriate, Bravely goes back to the employee with follow-up questions and collects more information to share with company. Bravely delivers final communication from company and the employee can continue to remain anonymous or decide to come forward.


Talk to me about liability.

We work hard to protect all participants in the Bravely experience through our agreements. We stipulate that companies truly grant the confidentiality employees need to be able to trust Bravely as a resource. In exchange, we require employees to agree to Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy that along with ensuring the protection of their identity, stipulate that nothing that happens in Bravely constitutes any sort of official reporting.


Will a company have access to information employees share during sessions?

The foundation of Bravely is built on employee trust and for that reason any information shared with Bravely remains completely confidential. We know it’s not easy to open up – we’ve been there too – which is why we make employee privacy a priority to protect.


What are the limits of confidentiality?

Interactions with Bravely — both activity within the app and the content of conversations — are 100% confidential; we operate as a black box for employees. The only exception is when the subject matter of the conversation goes beyond the control of the employee is when we or our Pros perceive a threat or risk of self-harm or harm to others.


What does Bravely do to secure and protect data and sensitive information?

Bravely considers security throughout the entire software development life cycle and rigorously follows security best practices.  Key security mechanisms include granular role-based access control whenever possible and constant monitoring of dependencies for known vulnerabilities. Our engineering onboarding process includes security awareness training and our development process ensures both static analysis and completion of a manual security checklist for each change set to mitigate any potential security holes.


What is reported back to the company?

We provide reporting to the company in a way the completely anonymizes any individual employees. Our philosophy is to provide as much information and as early a warning as possible to support the health of the organization, but will never cross the line to risk betraying employee confidentiality.


Utilization and satisfaction reporting, plus impact on employee retention and productivity


Anonymized reports on themes, trends and insights, for individual company and cross-industry benchmarks