How confidential is Bravely?

Every conversation that you have with a Bravely Pro is completely confidential, so you can feel comfortable being open and honest about whatever is on your mind. Once you create your account, we ask for your personal email so that all communication with Bravely is separate from your work identity. (The one exception: If you seriously threaten harm to yourself or others, or report something illegal, our Pros will have to bring that information forward.)

Can Bravely help me escalate an issue anonymously?

Yes. If you’d like, your Pro can anonymously escalate an issue to your company leadership. If you go this route, they’ll work with you to compose an email that outlines your issue in detail, and run it past you before they share it with your manager or HR team.

What do you mean when you say that you share aggregated and de-identified information with my employer?

Our hope is that Bravely helps your employer better support you and your colleagues. For that reason, we provide them with common themes, trends, and insights that they can act on to design better company policies. We’ll help them understand, for example, the percentage of people that are struggling with their workload or feeling stressed out about an upcoming performance review cycle.

Nothing we share will ever point to an individual or their conversation.

How does Bravely work?

Scheduling a session couldn’t be quicker or easier: all you need to do is log in to your account, select a time slot, and wait for your Pro to call you. We’ll send you SMS reminders in the days leading up to your conversation.

Who are Bravely's Pros?

Our coaches come from all kinds of backgrounds and industries. They’ve managed and been managed, worked at companies big and small, and know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

Who is Bravely for?

Bravely is for everyone at every level—whether you’re a manager, a seasoned employee, or just starting out in your career. Our Pros are especially helpful for employees during their first 30/60/90 days on the job (when it can be intimidating to speak up) and those who have just become new managers and have direct reports for the first time.  

Why should I use Bravely if I have an HR team?

Since our Pros operate outside the walls of employees’ organizations, people can trust that what they say remains confidential and feel comfortable being open and honest—the first step in arriving at a successful outcome. And because they’re detached from company politics, they’re able to help employees clarify their thinking without emotion or bias—hearing them, challenging them, and ultimately arriving at the root cause of the issue.

The result: employees gain the confidence and skills they need to go forward.

Can I use Bravely if my company doesn’t offer it as a resource?

As of now, Bravely is only available to employees whose companies offer it as a resource. That being said, we can help you get your company working Bravely! Learn more here.

How often can I use Bravely?

You can schedule up to 10 sessions a year, or 3 sessions in a given month.