Toby Hervey
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Previously, Toby was the first employee and part of the founding team member at Pager — a mobile platform for patient engagement and on-demand healthcare — serving as the VP of Operations and General Manager and overseeing the company’s national operations group, expansion efforts, and growth initiatives. During Toby’s time with Pager, the company raised $30mm in venture financing and built a team of 60 full-time employees based in New York.

Before Pager, Toby directed strategy and business development for several early-stage, high-growth companies: Waywire, a video-based social network founded by Senator Cory Booker (then Mayor of Newark) which sold to in 2013; Timehop, a digital time capsule mobile app that has since raised a $10mm Series B round; and at the Gilt Groupe, as a founding team member of local services arm Gilt City and menswear vertical Gilt MAN.

Toby also serves as President of the Board of Directors for Out in Tech, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering aspiring LGBTQ tech leaders.


Sarah Sheehan
Founder & Chief Customer Officer

Sarah began her career in Human Resources in roles at SiriusXM, Coach, and Gilt Groupe before transitioning to the role of Head of Sales at Gilt City – the luxury lifestyle experiences arm of Gilt Groupe. In this role, Sarah ran a 65-person sales team, managed $60 million in yearly revenue, and expanding the brand to top cities across the U.S. She was also responsible for national partnerships with brands like Exhale, Bliss, Coach, Blue Apron, and J. Crew.  

After Gilt City, Sarah co-founded an ed-tech company focused on educating kids on the importance of environmental and wildlife conservation through designed products and online digital experiences. The company raised $1mm in venture financing and was accepted into the acclaimed “500 Accelerated Startups” program.

Sarah’s experience in HR, team management, and tech startups – combined with an ongoing obsession to help people gain confidence and find purpose in their work – inspired her to co-found Bravely in 2017.


Ras Patel
Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Ras served as the Senior Director of Engineering & Growth at Shoptiques, a venture-backed, NYC-based technology company powering e-commerce for boutiques located around the world. At Shoptiques, he oversaw the company’s growth efforts, built a logistics and supply chain network spanning over 40 countries and designed and scaled the architecture to support thousands of boutiques serving millions of shoppers.

Prior to Shoptiques, Ras honed his engineering talents as a Software Engineer at AD:60 building digital products for some of the world’s leading brands. While studying Biochemistry at NYU, he conducted research in scientific engineering and founded a business services marketplace for students, freelancers and small businesses.

His lifelong addiction to building, learning and collaborating brought him to Bravely, where he can live out his passion of helping teams work better together.