Our approach

The Bravely formula is simple but effective. We’ve combined proven difficult conversation and conflict resolution frameworks with great technology and objective HR experts to foster healthier workplace environments.

This approach to conflict resolution is really needed right now. 


We call them Pros. You’ll call them Partners.

We’ve heard our Pros described as “secret weapons” by company leadership and their employees. As workplace conflict and communication experts, they’re trained to handle all sorts of topics and issues, preparing people for future conversations with their bosses, colleagues, direct reports or HR team.


What to know

Starting a conversation with your Pro is quick, easy, and secure.


Secure, anonymous activation

Accounts are totally private—company leaders have no identifying information about the people using Bravely within their organization.


Smart matching

Our Pros who have deep experience across industries and teams of all shapes and sizes, so employees are always matched with the expert that’s right for them and their issue.


Convenient, real-time scheduling

Bravely gives people an outlet to voice their thoughts and concerns as they happen. Employees can schedule conversations for the same day or week, always at a time that’s convenient for them.


Live phone sessions

During a conversation with their Pro, employees can expect to identify the real reasons they’re having these issues, and evaluate their options calmly and strategically.


Better conversations

Following their session, employees use their new skills to tackle tough conversations and workplace stress more proactively, constructively and confidently.



More talking. Less leaving.

We believe that when people can talk openly about their concerns, they’re more likely to stay at their company. That’s our goal: to help companies prevent good talent from leaving by giving them new ways to deal with tough situations.


Get your team working Bravely.

Interested in learning more about how Bravely can help your employees? Tell us about your company and we’ll reach out to schedule a chat.