The workplace is changing.
How should HR change with it?

Zillow Group’s Chief People Officer, Dan Spaulding, spoke about this at the Transformational HR Summit in September 2018. His advice? Listen to your employees, treat them like adults, and don’t be afraid to look outside your organization in search of the best ways to support them.

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“People are terrified to bring concerns forward. So we’ve really been thinking: how do we provide pathways and resources for our employees so that they can get the support they need [and do it] differently than we’ve ever done it before? We were doing a lot of research on this six months ago, and that’s when we found Bravely.”

What is Bravely?

Bravely is a new kind of benefit in support of workplace health. The platform, offered to employees through their company, makes it easy to connect with a professional for a confidential conversation about whatever they're facing. The result: people talk about issues they've been avoiding, and company leaders see increased productivity, decreased retention, and healthier culture overall.

Learn how Bravely can support your employees.