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Our approach

The Bravely formula is simple: we combine expert HR professionals, great technology and a unique conflict resolution framework to foster healthier workplace environments.

We call them Pros.
You’ll call them partners.

We’ve heard our Pros described as “secret weapons” by company leadership and their employees. As licensed coaches, they’re trained to handle all sorts of topics and issues, preparing people for future conversations with their HR team.

Conflict resolution

More than 60% of employees’ performance issues are linked to strained relationships with colleagues and managers. Pros can help people think critically about their issues from a place of neutrality, and suggest ways to address those problems with HR.

Growth and performance

When employees can’t see their growth potential within their organization, they’re more likely to leave. That’s why Pros can help people prepare for performance reviews: suggesting ways to successfully frame their accomplishments and goals, and encouraging them to think about how they might answer tough questions.

Mistreatment and harassment

A staggering 80% of people who leave jobs in tech report the perception of unfair treatment as their catalyst. Pros can help with risk mitigation: encouraging people to deal with things before they escalate (or turn into an angry Twitter tirade). If requested, they can also anonymously report issues to company leadership on behalf of employees.  

How it works

Starting a conversation with your Pro is quick, easy, and secure.