How confidential is confidential?

Nothing that employees share with our Pros ever makes it back to their company. (In fact, we even ask people to create their accounts using their personal email addresses.)

What we do provide to leadership is de-identified information pulled from an aggregate of employee sessions—helping HR leaders understand common themes and trends around productivity, engagement, and retention.


How it works



Employees log into the Bravely platform and describe their situation. This is how we match them with the right Pro.



Employees select the time that works for them (as soon as same day) for a chat via phone or text.



Pros are able to help employees clarify their thinking—hearing them, challenging them, and ultimately arriving at the root cause of the issue.



Pros check in with employees after their session, and can schedule a follow-up if necessary.


Why it works

Since our Pros operate outside the walls of employees’ organizations, people can trust that what they say remains confidential and feel comfortable being open and honest. And because they’re detached from company politics, they’re able to help employees clarify their thinking without emotion or bias.


Expert Coaches


Objective Guidance


Total confidentiality


Action Oriented


We’ve supported hundreds of coaching sessions and are helping employees handle conversations that they would have been avoiding.


The conversation with my Pro was incredibly helpful. I got a chance to walk step by step through a really difficult challenge. I not only feel empowered to have an honest conversation with my manager later today, but also to continue to be my greatest advocate in my career growth.


This is a game changer. I would have these conversations with friends/family/colleagues/HR but they are all biased. It was great to get a professional opinion that is oriented on a the best possible approach.



Get your team working Bravely.

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