Work better. Work Bravely.

Better conversations start with Bravely.

We’re on a mission to help employees navigate workplace stress through open, honest dialogue. The result: important conversations happen easily and more often, and companies prevent good talent from leaving.


Our Approach

The Bravely formula is simple but effective. We’ve layered people-centric technology on top of proven difficult conversations and conflict resolution frameworks, giving our HR experts an even better way to do what they do best.

Our technology

Employees can use Bravely’s platform to quickly and easily connect with a Pro who can help them talk through their workplace issues.

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Total anonymity

Privacy is at the heart of what we do. Accounts are totally confidential—so company leaders will never receive identifying information about the individuals using Bravely within their organization.


A custom match

Our platform connects employees with the right Pro for their issue. Our Pros’ expertise spans across industries and teams of all shapes and sizes, so employees are always matched with the expert that’s right for them.


Real-time scheduling

Bravely gives people an outlet to voice their concerns and clarify their thoughts as they happen. Employees can use our platform to schedule phone conversations as early as same-day.


Post-session follow up

Following their session, our Pros will set check-ins to ensure that employees have the tools they need to go forward (and know how to use them).

Our Pros

We’ve heard our Pros described as “secret weapons” by company leadership and their employees. As workplace conflict and communication experts, they’re trained to handle all sorts of topics and issues, preparing people for future conversations with their bosses, colleagues, direct reports, or HR team.


Bravely Pros have a mix of practical and academic experience. We look for 5+ years experience in employee relations as an HR generalist and professional coaching, plus business leadership roles. We also look for relevant degrees and certifications from graduate programs, ICF, SHRM and other leading institutions.


We know how important style is. Our Pros are skilled communicators: people who can challenge assumptions and deliver tough feedback while always remaining supportive, empathetic, and positive outcome-oriented.  


Every Pro has gone through a multi-step vetting process, which includes everything from background checks to case interviews.  Our proprietary training builds on their foundational skills and experience to ensure best-in-class skills in conflict management and communication.


Our Methodology

Bravely sessions are designed to get employees to take action.

  1. Gather context

  2. Identify root causes

  3. Develop options

  4. Plan next steps

  5. Role-play


What makes Bravely sessions effective?

Objective advice

Since Pros are removed from the situation at hand, they can help employees better assess situations more holistically, and with less emotion and one-sidedness.  

Complete confidentiality

Employees can open up fully without fear of saying the wrong thing or feeling self-conscious. They don’t have to worry about running into a Pro in the office kitchen and feeling uncomfortable about what they shared.

1-on-1 attention

Our Pros have a singular focus: giving employees the time and attention they need to arrive at a resolution that sets them up for success.  

Set up for success

Employees report that Bravely helps set them up for success in the short-term and long-term.

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With newfound confidence, they’re ready to take the next step and approach their boss, colleague, or direct report

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With new tools and perspectives, they’re able to approach the issue with less emotion and clear thinking and healthier mindset

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With this conversation framework, they’re able to apply their learnings to future situations

Get your team working Bravely.

Interested in learning more about how Bravely can help your employees? Tell us about your company and we’ll reach out to schedule a chat.