Credential Review

In our review of applications and resumes, we look for key demonstrations of practical and academic experience.


5+ years experience in an HR generalist, coaching, or business leadership role


Relevant degrees and certifications from graduate programs, ICF, SHRM and other leading institutions


Phone Interview

Candidates answer a series of questions designed to identify three key attributes we look for in our Pros.


They’re passionate about helping and supporting others through whatever they are facing and delivering positive outcomes.


Skilled communicator who can coach people on delivering information in concise and impactful way and also able to deliver tough feedback when necessary.


Fast on their feet, quickly able to assess information and formulate questions to help determine the best path forward.


Case Interviews & Role Play

We believe the best way to test a candidates skills is to give them a scenario (based on an actual event) and ask them to talk through their approach.

What type of questions do they ask about the scenario?
Do they show empathy for the situation?
What is the outcome of the call?


Our proprietary training builds on the foundational skills and experience of our Pros to ensure best-in-class skills in conflict management and communication skills, to deliver a stellar experience.

Bravely Brand Values
Conflict Management Models
Interest-Based Bargaining
Crucial Conversations Frameworks
Session Best Practices
Pro App Overview

Mock Sessions

Each Pro must hold at least two mock sessions with Bravely. They’re tested on the tactics covered through training, communication skills, and how well they adhere to core principles.