Work better. Work Bravely.

Work better. Work Bravely.

Bravely connects employees with professional coaches outside of their workplace to encourage better conversations and healthier organizations.


Company culture has never been so important.

We see this message reinforced everywhere we look. Yet keeping employees happy and productive is easier said than done, even for the most progressive teams.

In the startup world, constant growth and change has the potential to wreak havoc on teams. And at Fortune 500 companies, a younger generation is challenging the status quo—often resulting in friction.

In other words, the workplace is changing—and as it changes, people are struggling to address their conflicts and concerns within the traditional HR framework.


Bravely is a new first step.

What if employees could prepare for conversations with HR with a neutral conflict coach—someone whose job was to be totally objective? With Bravely, they can.

Our platform makes it easy to schedule on-demand sessions during moments of stress, resulting in more productive conversations. Instead of complaining to parents or friends, who aren’t always equipped to give the best professional advice, employees can talk to experienced HR professionals and develop a plan for moving forward.


Are HR teams into this?

Make no mistake: we are huge believers in the power of Human Resources teams. In fact, Bravely actually exists to support a company’s existing HR team.

Our data shows that, after using Bravely, people are actually more likely to go to HR than they would have if they didn’t have a third-party coach to speak with. We know that many companies are investing time and resources in their HR departments, and we want to help be part of the force that drives people to take advantage of these teams.


Workplace stress is part of being human. It's also bad for the bottom line.


65% of employee's performance issues are linked to strained relationships.


80% of people who left jobs in tech left because they felt they were treated unfairly.


26% of a manager's time is spent helping direct reports deal with conflict.


You want insights. We've got them.

We’re obsessed with trust, and conversations between employees and Bravely Pros are always confidential. However, through these conversations, we’re able to collect anonymous data points around workplace culture that can be incredibly valuable to company leadership.

These insights can range from employees’ opinions around their company’s diversity and inclusion efforts, to patterns around talent turnover and attrition.


The proof is in the people.

When employees are empowered to talk through their issues and goals, they feel more productive, more confident, and more supported by their organizations.

I had one foot out the door. The conversation I had with my Pro really changed my perspective and pushed me to talk with my boss instead.
— Keisha
I tend to put off tricky conversations around our work culture, management styles and compensation. I’m having more of these now that I have access to Bravely.
— Leigh
My colleagues and I complain about work too much. It can get intense and exhausting. Now I have a more productive outlet.
— Sam

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