Work better. Work Bravely.

Work better. Work Bravely.

Bravely connects employees with professional coaches outside of their workplace to encourage better conversations and healthier organizations.


A new first step.

At Bravely, our goal is to get people talking about their issues sooner and more productively (in other words, less venting to friends or letting things fester). It’s a new way forward for employees dealing with stressful situations.


Conflict Resolution

"I’m having repeated issues with my direct report’s communication style and responsiveness. How do I bring this up and coach the right behavior?"


Growth + Performance

"I'd like to take on more responsibility, but I am finding it hard to organize my thoughts and talk with my boss."


Unfair Treatment

"I witnessed a senior leader doing something that I know was inappropriate and I’m not sure how to approach sharing this info."


Bravely is here to help.

Is this a replacement for HR?

Not at all. We are huge believers in the power of Human Resources teams, and our goal at Bravely is to support them. The truth is, employees are more likely to go to HR after speaking with an outside coach: and without these solutions, they’re less likely to speak up.


65% of employee's performance issues are linked to strained relationships.


80% of people who left jobs in tech left because they felt they were treated unfairly.


26% of a manager's time is spent helping direct reports deal with conflict.


How it works


When a stressful moment comes up, employees can use the Bravely app to describe their situation, and get matched with the right Pro for their issue.


Conversations take place over the phone, last around 45 minutes, and are driven by proven conflict management and crucial conversation frameworks.


After speaking with their Pro, employees are ready for the next step: a productive conversation with their boss, colleagues, direct reports, or HR teams.


Anonymous data you can act on.

Conversations between employees and Bravely Pros are always confidential. However, they allow us to collect anonymized data points on themes and trends that we share with organizations with the goal of improving workplace culture, inclusion and diversity efforts, and more.  



The proof is in the people.

When employees are empowered to talk through their issues and goals, they feel more productive, more confident, and more supported by their organizations.

I had one foot out the door. The conversation I had with my Pro really changed my perspective and pushed me to talk with my boss instead.
— Keisha
I tend to put off tricky conversations around our work culture, management styles and compensation. I’m having more of these now that I have access to Bravely.
— Leigh
My colleagues and I complain about work too much. It can get intense and exhausting. Now I have a more productive outlet.
— Sam

People are talking.

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Are you an employee?

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