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Here's the deal.

No matter how great the company or the culture, there will always be employees who struggle to come forward with issues or concerns.

Whether they’re struggling with a colleague or simply feeling stuck, it can be hard to have tough conversations about relationships and performance. The result: people let things bubble up instead of dealing with them head on.


We believe that work can be better.

We’ve built a next-generation resource for people and teams: a platform that connects employees with expert conflict coaches and “people” professionals called “Pros” for off-the-record phone conversations about all kinds of workplace stress.

All interactions with us are confidential, so employees can easily take the first step toward resolution—dealing with stressful moments as they happen, and developing the skills they need to move forward.


Workplace stress is part of being human.
It's also bad for the bottom line.


65% of employees' performance issues are linked to strained relationships.


80% of people who left jobs in tech left because they felt they were treated unfairly.


26% of a manager's time is spent helping direct reports deal with conflict.


With Bravely, you can help your employees and your business succeed.


The proof is in the people.

Bravely facilitates better conversations that lead to healthier organizations overall. We’ve heard that people feel more productive, more confident and more supported by their companies.  

I had one foot out the door. The conversation I had with my Pro really changed my perspective and pushed me to talk with my boss instead.
— Keisha
I tend to put off tricky conversations around our work culture, management styles and compensation. I’m having more of these now that I have access to Bravely.
— Leigh
My colleagues and I complain about work too much. It can get intense and exhausting. Now I have a more productive outlet.
— Sam

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