Work better. Work Bravely.

Work better. Work Bravely.

Bravely is a new kind of employee benefit in support of workplace health, connecting people with professional coaches for confidential conversations about their performance, growth, relationships, and company culture.


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Let’s talk about the conversation gap.

Studies show that employees who communicate openly and often about the situations they’re facing at work are likely to be happier and higher performing. But these kinds of conversations aren’t always easy to have—and as a result, they tend to be avoided.

Bravely can help people figure out how to:

Diversity and Inclusion

Prepare for check-ins and performance reviews


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Develop new skills and advance in their roles

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Improve relationships with coworkers, managers, and direct reports

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Give tough feedback and effectively “manage up”

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Navigate workplace politics and organizational change

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Escalate unfair treatment or harassment


Why is this dialogue so important?

When employees are proactive about addressing their concerns, they’re more likely to thrive and stay. When they’re not, productivity—and the bottom line—suffer.


A single conversation failure costs an organization $7,500


Employees spend 2.8 hours per week dealing with difficult situations


Organizations spend $359 billion per year dealing with employee conflict

Who are Bravely’s "Pros"?

Our coaches (we call them “Pros”) are experts who have worked in HR and professional development across all kinds of companies and industries.

They’ve all been trained in our proprietary methodology—a research-backed approach based in leading conflict management models.  


Thoroughly vetted & trained


Objective & unbiased


Available in real time

Bravely is good for organizations and their employees.

We are huge believers in the power of HR teams and believe they are critical to high-performing organizations. Bravely not only encourages more people to approach their HR leaders, but makes sure that they’re prepared.


say they’re more likely to approach a difficult situation after having spoken with a Bravely Pro


say their Pro gave them a new perspective on their situation that they wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere


say they wouldn’t have approached their HR leaders if they hadn’t spoken with Bravely


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Think your company could use Bravely?

Are you a head of HR or People?

We’d love to talk about how Bravely can support your team and HR department.